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This collagen Facial is an professional-grade invasive non medical no needle nano-technology session. designed to address fine lines and wrinkles and blemishes. as well as other cosmetic skin issues. it is not a medical grade micro-needling session. this is a cosmetic facial that achieves similar results with out the invasiveness. it is safe alternative for clients that dont want an invasive medical procedure. but do want great results from the newest facial on the market. get great results with out the pain. beauty does not have to be painful. if you are on blood thinning mediications this is not for you. especially if you bruise easley from medication or if your skin is affected by an medical treatment. or infection, for healthy normal skin conditions. no active acne. enjoy and book your 1 or 3 session or more so you can see the beautiful results call or text to book your sessions. today 515-991-0481. to glowing beautiful skin the natural way.

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